Why do you need blush makeup?!!

Blush makes you look amazing! It makes u look alive & less tired, younger and more beautiful! I just cant understand how some girls actually dont use blush as one of their makeup methods.  I get it that you like the more natural look, but people dont understand that you can make blush look natural! its a skill and there are many tutorials how to do it such as the video below. Using blush will make you feel so much more confident and look more alive every day.  So what i would say if blush isnt one of your main makeup methods then you have to make it your #1 trust me.

Every day till the end of time I will always say to my friends and family to wear blush and find a shade colour that suits you. No matter what makeup style you have, you can always find a way to fix blush into it. 

Blush is one of the only makeup products that will disapear naturally during the day. For example you wake up at 8 am, put your makeup on! during dinner time you look in the mirror "where is my blush!?" dont worry, if you use blush alot you are used to this by now.. This is why people bring makeup vanity cases to work to go over your makeup during the day. If you have dry skin, a great blush wont disapear through the day, which is a great advantage! 

The most ideal kind of blush makeup is one thats glowly and shiny, one that makes your cheek bones stick out! Sometimes these can be a little exspensive but if you want quality you must be the good price!